A man stood up to stop the fear of a brutal tyranny, is the world listening ?

After 2 years in jail and a quick weird trial, Jean Marie Michel MOKOKO has been sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday on charges of violating state security and illegal possession of weapons.

MOKOKO was candidate in March 2016 presidential election that was criticised by opposition parties and foreign powers for irregularities.

The sentence has put  a crude light on Sassou Nguesso kleptocratic and apartheid governance much more than expected. MOKOKO is now more than just a Congolese figure, he has mutated as the man that stood up in front a  “Black Slave Master” and his foreign accomplices. MOKOKO radically embodies the concept of Freedom of consciousness for our time.

SASSOU NGUESSO does not even have the excuse of skin based racism of the South African apartheid regime which once condemned late Nelson Mandela to 25 years of Prison. After more than 35 years of unpunished ethnic cleansing program, looting and ecological disaster, the congolese regime remains sure of his right to corrupt all the international system.

A man stood up to stop the fear of a brutal tyranny, is the world listening ?

Every free Human being this night must be Jean Marie Michel MOKOKO, if democracy and justice are not nothing but fade words.

Mokoko  no longer belongs only to the Congolese people, he belongs to humankind as a symbol of resistance against oppression.


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