Paris, january 08, 2018

This report is a report on Human Rights and Democracy in Congo Brazzaville. It does not claim to be exhaustive, but it lists the main violations of freedoms during the year 2017. It shows the collusion between the House of Journalists of Congo, the UPF and the regime of Brazzaville.

During the year 2017, like many NGOs fighting for democracy and human rights, our teams as well as our partners conducted with great courage an investigation on this subject in Congo Brazzaville. These investigations allowed us to gather necessary information, to conduct a vast national and international campaign of awareness and mobilization on the issue of rule of law in the Republic of Congo.

The despicable conditions of detention of journalist Ghys Fortuné DOMBÉ BEMBA, without access to toilets, nor natural light should be noted.

We dedicate this report to Ghys and all the prisoners of conscience.

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