Statements of Marcel Pika, former political prisoner

Lincoln, Nebraska, January, 4, 2018

To the American Government,

I am addressing myself to the American Government to which I do have the honor of being a Citizen. To the amount of work, it took for my release, I would like to thank first God for all his immense support and unconditional love. A big “Thank you” to the President of the United States, President Donald Trump for his involvement.

A very special “Thank you” to the Congressman Jeff Fortenberry for showing leadership and for his dedicated involvement to my release from the Congolese unlawfully detention.

Nebraska representatives: Thank you our governor Pitt Rickett, to the Senator Deb Fisher and her staff who have been very responsive to my family’s matters. I will forever be thankful to you.

State Department Officials: Special thank you to you for your great work abroad representing our American values and teaching the world about Democracy. To the whole US Embassy in Congo Brazzaville, the team, and the Ambassador Todd Haskell. It is thanks to you, your encouragement and spirit that I am still alive today.

Hostage US: I will always be thankful to your organization and I am hoping that you will allow me to volunteer and be an emotional support and help to the many families in our great nation who are ongoing the same ordeal my family has gone through. You made me believe in people again.

IMF representative (US): A special thank you to you for your involvement in bringing the Congolese government to understand the rules of the law. The chaotic financial situation of the Congo is due to the bad governance, corruption, the lack of respect for Human right and constant violations of the country’s laws. We believe that countries seeking for your financial assistance should meet all these requirements in order to receive the help. Congo has broken all possible human right laws and without peace within itself, providing the assistance will be a bad investment as it will only benefit this dictatorial government and not the innocent people of the Congo who have been suffering the last 40 years.

Our Community: Thank you to our Nebraskan friends, families, Churches, the media, and everyone who pleaded our cause and for your prayers. Bod Davis and Family, big Thank you to you and I am looking forward to visiting your new farm.

I found myself with complete faith in your work during my incarceration; the U.S. Ambassador reassured me through the consulate that he will not rest until my release as it was their top priority of missions to be accomplished. Even though the Congolese authorities didn’t comply as they should have during this whole ordeal, I appreciate the fact that our government officials didn’t give up but rather kept persisting due to the unfairness.

Thus, I have been released on December 29th and then left the Congo on December 30th with my wife for Lincoln, Nebraska. We found our family at the airport and all screamed “Long Live America” which happens to be the first democratic country in the world, one of freedom and grand in all areas. I am a very proud American Citizen and will always be. This experience has shown me that people are envious and may not like us with our belief system, but they surely respect us. Becoming a world leader takes hard work, but the hardest is to remain one as you must lead by example.  

With that, I urge our officials to please continue to address the illegal detentions of the political prisoners listed below in the republic of Congo. I am prepared to work with our government and provide all necessary information pertaining to them. I will be visiting all respective offices in Washington DC to address the situation of the Republic of Congo and denounce the atrocities I encountered in these prisons. These many men and women are being held for saying NO to dictatorship. These men and women are without a voice or anyone to speak for them. We Americans, do not support governments but support the people.  Paulin Makaya, a dual citizen of Congo and United Kingdom served his two years sentence that ended in November of 2017 is still being held as a political prisoner by the Congolese government. The laws only apply to the persecuted people and not the government of Congo. The other political detainees who are trusting in our commitment to help are the following:

  • Jean Marie Michel Mokoko
  • Okombi Salissa
  • Paulin Makaya
  • Anatole Limbongo-Ngoka
  • Jean Ngouabi
  • Jacques Bananga Nzala
  • Yvon Sende
  • Martin Madima
  • Colonel Mbango and the many more.

I am really convinced that the U.S, the voice standing for all oppressed in this world will take priority on this situation and to see the Congo to the freedom that it deserves from these tyrants.

I thank you again for everything and will forever be thankful. God bless America, our government, and our great people.

Marcel Pika

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