Paulin Makaya

He was to be released on December 1 but in defiance of all his fundamental rights, the British-Congolese Paulin Makaya will be spending the new year in prison.

Paulin Makaya has served a two-year prison sentence for « disturbing public order » following an unauthorized protest against the change of the constitution in October 2015. His state of health is worrying because of the harsh conditions of his detention.

It is incomprehensible that the Foreign Office is completely silent on the illegal detention of this Briton. Must we understand that the life of a black subject of her majesty is less important than that of a white subject? Why this silence of the British press and the British parliament? Paulin makaya is abandoned by the united kingdom he trusted.

The report of ADHUC, a Congolese prison NGO, mentions a daily practice of torture in Congolese prisons and a death rate close to 45%.

We are very concerned about the prolongation of his arbitrary detention and we appeal for her Excellency Theresa May intervention to demand and obtain the immediate release of Paulin Makaya.

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