Open Letter to the President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump

The Collectif Sassoufit calls on the citizens and friends of the Congo to demonstrate on September 13, 2017 in front of the headquarters of the United Nations against the dictatorship of Sassou Nguesso.

Dear President Trump,

Such an honor it is for me to write to you. Not only as a very proud American Citizen but also as an admirer of someone who has shown me the meaning of perseverance. Being world’s leader of today did not only come with a lot of perseverance, devotion but with a lot of hard work. I believe that faith comes with work in order to bring about results.

My father, Marcel Pika used to remind me while growing up that faith without action is a dead faith.
This is the message that as an adopted child of this great nation I will bring to the people of Africa.
A message of hope, perseverance, good work ethics and hard work which are the elements that will partake in a nation’s financial freedom and development.
This is the message my Father Marcel Pika brought to the Congolese people and is today imprisoned for it by a dictator who has been ruling the country since 1979 to this day.
The Africans sit on the richest continent in the world and yet are unable to run on their own.

The Congo Brazzaville, today 3rd Oil producer in the entire continent of Africa finds itself among the heavily Indebted Poor Countries in the world.
A country, with the same oil production as Turkey today has seen bankruptcy three times in the last 34 years due to the incompetence of its “President for life” Sassou Nguesso, his lack of transparency, corruption and bad governance. How can we expect a nation to change or evolve when we are dealing with the same mentalities?

Mr. President, we have received information of Sassou Nguesso’s arrival to a summit at the United Nation on September 13th of 2017. He intends to make another attempt to secure a meeting with your excellence, President of the United States.

Recalling his embarrassing last visit to our country and how he tried to corrupt our officials to secure a visit with you. We believe that all this is another manipulation from the dictator with the intent behind all that to gain recognition that he is no longer getting from his surroundings.

Sassou Nguesso brings scrutiny wherever he goes as the whole world cannot believe that in this 21st century, a man with a thirst of power would commit all the atrocities the people of the pool region are facing. Constant violations of human rights to the point of arresting and torturing his entire opposition during the last presidential election to this day.

Today, we tell him “Sassoufit” which means it is enough. Just the idea of Sassou Nguesso setting foot on this sacred soil of ours, the land of democracy is calling our conscience to go out and vigorously protest against his arrival.

We ask that you, Mr. President, our congressional representatives, our senators, and our governor stand with us by impeaching Sassou Nguesso’s arrival into our
country which will send a message of hope to the oppressed people of Congo proving that WE Americans stand and support the people and not their governments.

We hope and pray for you, Mr. President Trump, that you continue to serve as a divine agent that leads this country and the world into a new era, a world driven by the moral principles upon which all civilization rests, a world in which all people, races, and nations, in all their rich diversity, live in harmony and
peace, humbly serving the higher calling for which we were all created.

God bless you and God bless America and the world.


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