In a Reuters dispatch from Friday, July 14th, the oil production shutdown on TOTAL platforms in Congo, is explained by a collision between “a ship and a single point mooring”.

Although a single-point mooring has indeed been partially submerged – potentially because of a faulty installation; production has in fact been shut by a social movement initiated by Total workers. During two days, these employees went on strike to protest the deterioration of the social climate in the french company.

In order to force the resuming of the production, the board has called the military. Members of the congolese army have threatened each striker as well as their families.

The leader of the inter-union organisation, Kiki NATHALLE, has been detained and subjected to death threats by the director of the Pointe-Noire military zone, Olessongo Ondaye, leader of the regime’s death squads, who is charged with war crimes.

Although rumor has it that the resignation of Pierre JESSUA, TOTAL CONGO EP Director, has been announced during negotiations between employees and the board, the situation is still not totally back to normal.

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